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  • Thu 19th Jan 2017 - 7:20am

    Safety and peace of mind are not familiar terms for a business owner, especially those who have a business big enough to feed a small country. Such businesses have such high turn-overs that the owners can’t simply believe that their inventory remains untouched and the revenue is all where it needs to be. For such rightly insecure business owners, there are investigative and security consultancy services to ease some pressure off from their already super pressurized lives. One such service provider is Ashenoff & Associates.

    Private security consulting  (consultoria de seguridad privada)  is a service provided by Ashenoff for business owners who suspect misconduct amongst their employees. Activities like internal theft, espionage, drug use etc. that can damage both a company’s reputation and financial status needs to be monitored very carefully, and such monitoring is not the job of the professionals who work at the company. This is why Ashenoff provides strictly professional services to try and induce some peace of mind in these big shot business people.

    Covert Operations is just one of the services that big businesses can use. There are also precautionary measures that a company needs while hiring their employee, which again lay far outside of their skill sets. You can’t expect a Human Resource recruiter to find out a candidate’s past felonies, drug abuse history or even basics such as the reason for them leaving their previous jobs. Ashenoff has specialized services like Background Investigations, Due Diligence Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Worker’s Compensation Investigations and Asset Searches. They also provide criminal lawyer in Miami  (abogado penalista en Miami).

    Ashenoff’s services extend way more than servicing just the nice gentlemen at high places. They also have basic investigative services like satellite imagery,  Criminal Background Check Florida  and other additional research and services. Sometimes relying on the law enforcement services can be stupid and blind. A cop is not always present when your house is being robbed. But with the help of Ashenoff, you can put up security measures to make sure that crimes like robbery, theft and break in don’t happen at your place.

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  • Mon 27th Mar 2017 - 4:39pm

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  • Tue 15th May 2018 - 1:34pm

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